Welcome to the Incus Data Virtual Classroom

Learn during lockdown

Don't put off your training plans because of the lockdown. This is the perfect time to improve your skills. And it will keep you positive and focused in this time of uncertainty.

Attend from the safety of your home

Our virtual classroom lets you attend the training sessions from wherever you are. You will hear the lecturer, see the whiteboard, and be able to ask questions and get answers.

Here's what one of our delegates on the Advanced Java Programming virtual course said:

"This was the first course over ZOOM, this worked out very well, I would suggest more like this as it gives a bit more freedom and feels more comfortable."
—   P. Badenhorst, FNB

How does it work?

We have a dedicated room with a webcam, a microphone and lights set up to give you the best possible experience.

The Zoom software streams the lecture live to you, so that you can hear and see the lecturer. You will also be able to see the whiteboard and anything that the lecturer wants to demonstrate.

You can ask the lecturer questions and you can (virtually) put up your hand if you need help.

What you will need

You will need the following:

  • Internet access.
  • A computer to access the classroom and for coding.
  • A free Zoom account, and the software for the coding.

For the virtual classroom, you need a device with speakers (or a headset), a microphone and a webcam. You can use your laptop, or a tablet or smartphone. If you only use your laptop, you will benefit from two screens: one for course work and one for the classroom.

We will send you detailed instructions before the course starts, as well as your electronic course material.

What's the downside?

Honestly, that depends on you. You won't get to eat our yummy food and cookies that other delegates rave about.

Most important: you need to be disciplined. We don't mind if you join in your pajamas, but you need to make sure that you attend all the sessions. Don't get distracted by meetings or email or children.

To benefit from the course, you must pay attention, and do the exercises. But that's true for any course.

Support South Africa

We are offering a discount on all virtual courses presented during the lockdown period.

Please contact us for more information.

And after lockdown?

We understand that travelling to a training venue, even a fantastic venue, can be a problem.

Maybe you don't have the time. Or it costs too much. Or you still need to go to the office after the course.

We don't want you to put off your training because of the travelling.

That's why the Incus Data virtual training classroom will still be available. We plan to schedule a combination of virtual and on-site courses, to suit everyone.