The Incus Data Course Venue

"Very impressed ... Ideal venue to come to learn - quiet and particularly peaceful and beautiful surrounds. ..."

D. Rogers, Mercantile Bank, SQL Fundamentals Course

Incus Data reception
Entrance to Incus Data
Entrance to Incus Data from a distance
View of koi dam and Incus Data entrance
Incus Data garden near stream
Outside dining area
Koi dam
Water feature near gate
Statue of discus thrower
Statue of lady at entrance
Top pond
Roses in bloom
Incus Data secure parking
Duck on the koi pond
Incus Data dining room
Inside of Classroom C
Inside of Classroom A
Biscuits at tea time
Virtual classroom - Charles

A Learning-Friendly Environment

Our environment affects our ability to concentrate and absorb new information. Think how difficult it is to concentrate when there is a lot of noise outside your office.

We are very proud of the Incus Data training venue. We have worked hard to create an environment that encourages learning. Quiet. Clean. Peaceful. Carefully maintained. Delegates often tell us what a beautiful place it is.


We have 3 well-equipped classrooms. Each classroom can accommodate between 9 and 12 delegates. There is a desk for each delegate, with a computer and flat-screen monitor. The computers have internet access, and wi-fi is also available.

There is plenty of secure parking, so you don't have to worry about car theft.

During breaks and lunch time, you can enjoy a walk through our beautiful gardens.

Access for Those with Disabilities

A lovely lady in wheelchair tested our venue and cloakrooms to make sure that they are accessible. There is parking very close to the door for a disabled delegate. All the doors are wider than normal. There are no stairs to enter the venue or to get to the cloakrooms. We erect a temporary ramp to provide wheelchair access to the outside dining area.

Update for Covid-19

Some of our faithful clients have told us they miss the venue (and the meals). But until it is safe for us all, we are presenting our courses virtually.

We've had interesting challenges with lights, cameras and microphones. But now all the classrooms are well-equipped to make your virtual training as effective as possible. We have a high-speed fibre connection with a wireless backup, and a generator for when the power goes down.