Incus Data Inhouse Courses

Training at your venue

We offer training on your premises, regardless of where you are located.

If you have at least 5 people who need to attend the training, we can present the course anywhere you want. This can be on your premises, or at a venue of your choice nearby.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are both advantages and disadvantages to inhouse training. If you are not in Johannesburg or Pretoria, inhouse training will be your best option. But you still need to be aware of potential disadvantages, so that you can take steps to make the training as effective as possible.

Your developers are on site, and available for emergencies.
Because your developers are on site, they are likely to be called out of the course even if it is not truly an emergency. This is disruptive to everyone on the course, and bad news for the person called out. Why? He or she will miss important sections of work and fall behind. There is not enough time to repeat everything every time someone misses part of the course.
No extra travelling! This is particularly important for developers who may have transport constraints.
Often your venue is not suitable for training e.g. there may not be enough space, or it may be too noisy. Imagine trying to concentrate when the airconditioner doesn't work in the middle of summer, or if there is banging from building changes next door.
It's just your developers, so they can benefit from discussions and brain-storming specific to their work.
Your developers don't get the benefit of being exposed to other developers with diļ¬€erent approaches and ways of thinking. Diversity enhances creativity.

Requirements for inhouse training

If you want the training on your premises, you must make sure you have appropriate facilities.

  • The venue must be suitable for training:
    • There must be enough space for everyone to have a computer and space to write.
    • The venue is available for the full duration of the course. It wastes time if we have to move to a different room every day.
    • Make sure there is enough light and ventilation. A (working) air-conditioner to ensure a comfortable temperature is recommended.
    • The room should be quiet and separate. An open-plan office is not acceptable.
  • Every delegate must have his/her own computer.
  • The relevant software should be installed before the start of the course, to save time. The lecturer can bring the software, but please make sure that the delegates have the necessary administrative rights to install it on their computers.
  • You must ensure internet access for the delegates as well as the lecturer.
  • There must be a large whiteboard with whiteboard markers.
  • Refreshments must be easily available for the delegates and the lecturer. Valuable time is wasted if people have to move between floors or queue at canteens during breaks. We usually request that lunch is provided for the lecturer.

Let us help you

Please contact us for more information. We can help you to determine your training requirements, and provide you with various options.