Choosing the Right Course

First Check the Prerequisites

With very few exceptions, all our courses require previous programming experience.

If you are not a programmer, you can attend the Introduction to Programming course, and we will provide you with advice on how to progress from there. Just attending the course is not enough: you will need to practice on your own. Please understand: Nobody becomes a programmer in five days.

We are very serious about the prerequisites for courses. Please read the importance of prerequisites to understand why you should not try and take short-cuts through the training process. In simple language: Shortcuts don't work!
In the course contents for each course you will find details of the prerequisites for that course.

Moving from Mainframe Programming

In our experience mainframe programmers do not make an easy transition to programming languages such as C, C# and Java. We strongly advise that mainframe programmers first attend the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML course before attending Java, C++ or C#.

Understanding the Diagrams

The diagrams below are intended to provide an understanding of how the courses link together: what you should attend first (the prerequisite courses) and what you can incorporate in your training plan for the future. Please feel free to contact us at any time for advice on your training plan.

  • Solid lines indicate requirements, i.e. prerequisite knowledge.
  • Dotted lines indicate recommendations, i.e. additional knowledge that will be helpful, but is not essential.
  • Alternate requirements are indicated with arrows that terminate at the same point, e.g either Java or C++ or C# is recommended for OOAD.
  • Multiple requirements are indicated with arrows that terminate at different points, e.g. Java and HTML are both required for Java Servlets, Struts and JSF.
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Download the Incus Data Course Road Map in PDF format.