JEE: A Management Overview

Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) is a collection of technologies for the Java platform that is designed to support large, complex software systems in a corporate environment. This seminar is for companies and individuals who are starting to use JEE and need an overview of the JEE architecture. The seminar will show you how all the technologies fit together, so that you can better understand their use.

JEE Frameworks Overview

A framework is a software development environment that provides functionality which you can use and extend to make more complex applications within a specific domain. Frameworks enhance productivity and minimise time to market. This seminar is for companies and individuals who want to use a Java framework with JEE, and need to evaluate the many available options. The seminar will give you an overview of the most popular Java frameworks, and help you select the best choice for your development team. The frameworks evaluated include: JEE, Spring, Spring MVC, JSF, Google Web Toolkit, Grails, Struts, Wicket, Vaadin and the Play! framework.

Web Services: A Management Overview

A web service is a software program that makes itself available over the internet for another system to use. Web services use a set of international standards for communication between different systems. This seminar will provide you with an overview of the role that web services can play in your organisation. It will give you an understanding of the functionality available, the various international standards involved, and the requirements to implement web services successfully.

Mobile Application Technology Overview

Mobile applications development is already a major trend in the software industry, and is growing every day. From simple games to custom software for logistics, more and more developers need to make their software run on smart phones and tablets. There are many technologies and frameworks available, but which is best for you? This seminar will help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various technology choices, so that you can make an informed decision that is best for your organisation.

Coding Ethics

In today's world, almost everything that we do relies on software. Software that is badly written, unethically designed, or poorly tested has serious consequences. It is time that programmers subscribe to a code of ethics that governs what they do and how they do it. This seminar covers the importance of ethics, and the behaviour that we should demand of every one involved in software development. Delegates are encouraged to debate and discuss the issues.