HTML 5 and CSS  Course

HTML makes the web work - every web page you view on the Internet is written in HTML. This course will teach you how to write web pages that work in different browsers and on different devices - from desktop computers to smart phones. You will learn how to make your pages attractive and interesting with CSS. By the end of the course you will be able to build a small web site, using only free tools that are already on your computer.

Duration: 5 days. Courses are presented from 08:30 to 16:30.
Investment: R8,700.00 excluding VAT per delegate.
Venue: The Incus Data Training Venue in Centurion, Pretoria. Courses can also be presented on-site for 5 or more delegates.
Dates: Please check the course schedule for the next available date.
You can also contact us at tel: (+27) 12-666-2020 or cell/WhatsApp: (+27) 76-694-7705, or email us at to find out about dates that suit you.

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Audience: Is This The Right Course For Me?

You should attend the HTML 5 and CSS course if:

  • You want to develop web sites.
  • You want to develop web-based applications. (You'll need more than just this course, but this is your starting point.)
  • You need to maintain internal company intranet pages, or web sites built by other people.
  • You need a more technical understanding of how to develop web sites that are search-engine friendly.

Prerequisites: Am I Ready For The Course?

Before you attend the HTML 5 and CSS course:

  • You should be comfortable using the browser and the Internet.
  • You should understand the concepts of files and folders, and how to find them on your computer.

Please ensure you meet the prerequisites for this course before you attend. Read the importance of course prerequisites to understand why this is necessary.

If you are not sure which is the right course for you, please call us. We will be happy to advise you, based on your training goals and your experience.

Objectives: What Will I Learn?

After you have completed the HTML 5 and CSS course, you will be able to:

  • Write web pages that meet the international standards for HTML, with simple every-day computer programs.
  • Create web pages that contain text, images, lists, headings and tables.
  • Create links between web pages.
  • Create forms on web pages that can be used to capture data for web applications.
  • Format web pages and make them attractive using Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Understand the consequences of your design choices, and how to write pages that work for all users.

Technical Contents: What Does The Course Cover?

  • How the Web works: client versus server technology.
  • The concept of a mark-up language.
  • The W3 Consortium.
  • The evolution of HTML, including XHTML and HTML 5.
  • Deprecated elements.
  • HTML editors and converters.
Basic structure of an HTML document
  • Standards and validation.
  • Structural elements.
  • New sectioning elements in HTML 5.
  • Block elements.
  • Text formatting elements.
Links, images, multimedia and tables
  • Creating links between pages.
  • Source and destination links.
  • Adding images to a web page.
  • Image formats and colours.
  • The iframe elements.
  • New multimedia elements in HTML 5.
  • Creating tables.
  • Row and column groups.
Web Forms
  • Creating forms.
  • Form controls: radio buttons, checkboxes, selection lists and textboxes.
  • Simple PHP form processing.
  • New form controls in HTML 5.
Cascading Style Sheets
  • The importance of style sheets.
  • Incorporating style information.
  • CSS 1 and CSS 2 selectors.
  • Style sheet properties: font, background, padding, margin, border, text, list-item and display properties.
  • Units of measure and types of values.
  • The CSS cascade.
More Advanced CSS
  • CSS positioning.
  • Changing the display.
  • Example of CSS layers layout.
  • Media queries.
  • New functionality in CSS 3.
Design and Management
  • Accessibility guidelines.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Planning a web-site.
  • Design guidelines.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Responsive web design.
  • The role of JavaScript.

Testimonials: What Other Delegates Say About This Course

"Glad to receive the course. My overall objectives were achieved."

V. Soonderpershad, IQ Business   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Definitely will recommend this course. Good course. Thank you Charles"

T. Mafatle, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"I was very pleased with the course and lecture, everything was satisfying. I enjoyed the course."

N. Fuzile, Envisage   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Well structured course content and delivery. Money & time well spent."

N. Poonee, More 4 U Group   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Well run and understandable."

A. Whipp, Private   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Thank you very much! Charles must be one of the best teachers I've encountered. This was a much needed course."

P. Maphosa, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Charles was very helpful and knowledgable and made the course enjoyable."

G. Phillips, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"It was one of the best courses I have ever attended. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Thank you!"

N. Lues, PPSHA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Awesome experience! Thank you so much."

J. Saayman, PPSHA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Incus Data is a great place to be. Keep up the good work."

B. Motsepe, PPSHA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Venue + food = awesome! Lecturer = fantastic!"

B. Kemp, PPSHA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Great course, Charles added a lot of additional value with his broad knowledge on the subject."

T. Clifford, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"In all respects, the course was excellent and I felt fully motivated at all times."

L. Pfaff, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Fun interactive course. Fantastic course venue. Course content and lectures were excellent."

C. Sayers, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The course was very good and I will recommend more staff members from my office to come for the course"

M. Shongwe, Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Great course, would recommend to others"

M. Mahlo, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"A really well structured course and a very knowledgeable lecturer"

R. Jacobs, Private   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Awesome venue and course."

S. Moodley, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Venue beautiful. Food good. Course presenter knowledgeable, clear and concise."

H. Stevens, SITA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The course was excellent and Charles was a very knowledgeable nerd (smiley face). Thank you very much!"

J. Jansen, Crusaders   (Lecturer: Charles)

"the course was exactly what I need to get going with web development. The rest is up to me. Thanks very much for the additional resources."

M. Katongo, Ministry of Finance - ZM   (Lecturer: Charles)

"The course was great fun, interesting and informative. I learned a great deal. The atmosphere was relaxed and really made the course enjoyable. The lecturer was interesting and knowledgeable."

G. Davies, Standard Bank   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Charles was excellent. Really learned a lot."

D. Ralefeta, SITA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Very knowledgeable lecturer and informative course."

S. Futshane, GPAA   (Lecturer: Charles)

"Course content was well-researched, I really had an awesome experience. Looking forward to the next course."

E.M. Moopeloa, City of Matlosana   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"This was exactly what I needed! Thanks Jacqui!"

P. du Plessis, Accenture   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Loved the course@@ I wish I did this years ago."

C. Pienaar, Private   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Jacqui is an expert in her field, she conveyed the information very well, answered all my questions, and explained alternatives very well. I enjoyed the course and learnt a lot!"

A. Erasmus, CEO Communications   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Baie insiggewend & prakties"

L. Buys, Rumas   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"The course exceeded my expectations. I would most certainly return for various other courses."

L. Boshoff, Kagiso Digital   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Our lecturer was the best! I have learned a lot. Thank you!"

E. Leolo, University of Johannesburg   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Very well presented. Lecturer made it interesting and fun, thanks Jacqui!!"

D. Fourie, Momentum   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It taught me a lot and I am more confident in achieving my goals"

L. Basson, Lonrho Logistics   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Thanks for a great course! Insight into background & principles behind material was really valuable!"

A. Coetzee, University of Johannesburg   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"This was the nicest course I have attended in years. Thank you!!"

L. Jacobs, Unisa   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I would definitely recommend this course to other people, I have learnt so much from Renier. Thank you."

N. Macingwane, Unisa   (Lecturer: Renier)

"The course was very interesting and challenging. It is the best!!"

R. Kobe, Da Vinci Institute   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Thanks for a great course. Everything was explained in depth, and I certainly understand this part of development much better!"

K. de Jong, Web Dynamics   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Best course I've ever attended! Environment is really welcoming. Thanks for the best course experience ever! Baie dankie ek was baie beïndruk!!"

C. Jansen van Rensburg, PtyTrade   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Jacqui's experience and knowledge is quite amazing because she can identify with all levels of experience in the corporate world and other fields. So thank you Jacqui you have made me the happiest understanding person of the course."

L. Motea, SAA   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Was baie inspireerend en insiggewend! Wat 'n voorreg om so 'eerste klas' aanbiedingsklas by te woon! 'Up-to-date & hands-on'"

L. van der Westhuizen, ABSA   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"I really enjoyed and learnt a lot on the course!! I found that the material was presented very well... when the need [for training] does arrive, Incus will be my first choice."

J. Samuels, African Centre for Gene Technologies   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"From beginning to end the venue and lecturer have had me excited to return the next day. And definitely to return for further courses in the future. Thank you for a wonderful and informative week."

A. de Almeida, Totalsource Trading   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"The course is very well structured and the facilitator she is very good & passionate about the subject. Have learnt lots of new things and will be able to develop website."

E. Mokoena, GCIS   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Excellent in all areas. Very enjoyable. Thanks to Diana & Jacqui for everything."

R. du Plessis, Unisa   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Very very well done!! You are a very good lecturer."

H. Koekemoer, BMW   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"I have learnt a lot at this course it has been exciting, will be doing some more exercises"

L. Tanda, Nedbank   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Thank you. Well laid out course. I learned everything I wanted to know from HTML."

E. Uys, BMW   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Excellent course, I think all web developers should attend it, actually I think I should have attended it a long time ago. Thank you!"

Q. Zulu, Statistics SA   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Thank you Jacqui - one of the (if not THE) most interesting & stimulating courses I have attended in a long long time! (Ever?!?)"

B. Barrett, GijimaAST   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"You are an excellent lecturer with a lot of knowledge to give. Thank you"

I. Mew, EWC lecturer   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"I only hope to be able to attend more of the same courses at the venue, and will definitely recommend Incus Data to all I come across."

C. Nickols, MIP   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Absolutely Brilliant!! A very good time spent. Thank you. Hope to come back soon."

S. Ade, MIP   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"One of the best courses I've attended in years. Will be able to apply everything I learned in my day to day job. Excellent !!"

K. Smith, Telkom   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

"Jacqui is great as a lecturer, knowledgeable and very passionate about her subject."

J. Strydom, Accenture   (Lecturer: Jacqui)

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