C# Programming Courses

Reasons to learn C#

Are you wondering if you should learn C#? Here are some reasons to consider:

  • C# is a mature and popular language. It is one of the top 5 languages on the Tiobe index.
  • C# is all about developer productivity. That's been a key design principle for C# since the beginning.
  • C# is a flexible, general-purpose language. You can use the same skills to build desktop apps, mobile apps and web apps.
  • C# is open-source. It's not just for Windows any more. Now you can create cross-platform software.
  • There's a large, active online C# community. You can get involved with other developers, and you can find help when you need it.

(And in case you were wondering:it's “c-sharp”, not “c-hashtag”. 😀)

Incus Data C# programming courses

  • The C# Programming course will give you a solid foundation in the language.
  • The Advanced C# Programming course teach you more advanced techniques. Attend this when you already have C# programming experience.
  • The ASP.NET MVC Development course is no longer scheduled, but is still available on an in-company basis for group bookings.

And if you need customised training, we can help you with that as well.