Customised Courses

Need training that doesn't quite match a course on the list?
Want to combine content from different courses, such as EJB and Java Web Services?
Want a course with just your developers so that you can use examples from your work environment?
Need a slower course for less experienced programmers, or a longer course with more content?

Incus Data can customise a course to meet your needs.

Customised training can be a great way to save on your budget, because you get exactly the training that you need.

We can customise your training in various ways:

  • The course can be presented over a longer or shorter period, and the times can be adjusted.
  • The course can combine material from other courses.
  • The course can be one of the courses we no longer schedule.
  • The course may include specific topics not normally covered.

Here's what you need to know about customised training:

  • You will need at least five (5) delegates for a customised course.
  • We can present the customised training on your premises, or at the Incus Data venue in Centurion.
  • You will need to provide us with information about what you require. We will then review it, and discuss it in more detail with you.
  • The duration and the price will depend on what you need.

Let us help you

Please contact us for more information. We can help you to determine your training requirements, and provide you with various options.