Incus Data Programming Courses

At Incus Data, we choose what courses we want to teach, and what topics to cover in each course. We design our courses based on years of experience, and extensive research. And we choose technologies that interest us. Because great teaching needs passion.

We've has been training programmers since 1988. So we know that the right training will improve your systems. Take the time to contact us for informance and advice. We will help you identify and plan the training you need.

Java Programming Courses

C and C++ Programming Courses

C# Programming Courses

Web Development Courses

Python, SQL and Other Programming Courses

Object Oriented Courses

One-Day Seminars

These 1-day seminars are a quick, cost-effective way to keep you and your developers up to date.

Courses available on request

Our course list changes over time, depending on what our clients need. The courses listed below are no longer scheduled, or have been replaced by other courses. They are still available on an in-company basis, for a minimum of 6 delegates.

Lockdown Webinars

We designed these webinars when the pandemic lockdown started in South Africa. The short virtual training sessions helped people to adjust to the new training environment. They are still available on an in-company basis.

Download the Incus Data Course List in PDF format