About Lewis Coosner

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Lewis is one of the directors and shareholders of Incus Data.

His main responsibility is to develop and present our Java courses

Lewis graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) and a Graduate Diploma in Engineering from the University of Witwatersrand.

Java and lecturing experience

Lewis was certified in 1996 by Sun Microsystems to present Java training. At that time he was one of the first 2 lecturers in South Africa to obtain that certification. He consulted as Java lecturer to Sun Microsystems and their training partners during the 1990s. Leis was certified again in 2011 as Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE Programmer.

Lewis has more than 20 years training experience. Since he joined Incus Data in 1996, he has been developing Incus Data course material and presenting the courses.

Although his main focus is Java, he has presented a wide range of courses, including:

  • All our Java courses and seminars.
  • Object oriented analysis and design, as well as the Design Patterns course.
  • A variety of courses on Java frameworks that we no longer offer, such as Wicket and Struts.
  • Standard and Advanced C.
  • Introductory and Advanced Visual Basic - a very long time ago!

Programming, project and development experience

Lewis has extensive programming experience in various languages. He has programmed in:

  • Java and related technologies (25+ years)
  • ANSI C (20 years)
  • Windows API Programming (6 years)
  • C++ (6 years)
  • Earlier languages: Fortran / Assembler / Modula 2 / Pascal / ADA / Occam

As an engineer, Lewis gained extensive development and programming experience in various types of applications. These applications include:

  • Graphics training simulators for naval and avionic use in C under Unix.
  • Graphical demonstration software using Ultimate CAD and REGIS under Windows for an international defence exhibition.
  • Software to run on various systems for data acquisition and analysis.

Lewis also has extensive experience in the entire project life cycle and software development cycle. This experience includes:

  • Development of software requirements specifications and software design documents, according to military standards.
  • Full project management responsibilities, such as invoicing, client and user liaison, generation of new proposals, cost estimates, code development, site integration and testing on various engineering projects.
  • Involvement from the specification and design of the software through to coding, testing and final documentation of various engineering projects.

What delegates say about Lewis

You can read many, many reviews of the courses that Lewis has presented on the various course pages. Time and again, delegates rave about his knowledge, his passion and his teaching skills. Here are a few of our favourite reviews:

"Brilliant course taught by someone who enjoys teaching and is very knowledgeable."

R. Murphy, Altech Netstar

"Lewis is extremely knowledgeable in his field and was able to explain concepts at the level of detail I required."

S. Dladla, DetNet SA

"He is well knowledgable ... Lewis is greatest teacher I have ever saw on a class."

K. Mugovhani, FNB

"Lectures given with great energy, excellent knowledge of the topic and how it compares to the backgrounds that students have come from which was very helpful."

H. Hendey, Discovery

"The lecturer was very entertaining and clearly passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter. Thank you!"

D. Fick, GEW Technologies

"Lewis has the ability to simplify complex concepts and make it easy to understand.

G. Naicker, Standard Bank

"Amazing knowledge"

M. van Zyl, SAAB Grintek Defence

"I really enjoyed the training. Lewis is extremely knowledgable on such a wide variety of topics. An excellent ability to explain complex topics. I would recommend training at Incus Data to anyone that would like to sharpen the knowledge (programming)."

N Pretorius, BMW

"Lewis, Lewis, Lewis. You really know exactly what you talk about all the time. Keep up the good work. I am impressed."

M. Rudzani, Standard Bank