Precautions against Coronavirus

We are deeply concerned about the health and safety of our staff and our clients.

We have taken preventative measures, based on the guidelines issued by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases, the World Health Organisation and the National Department of Health.

Hygiene Control Measures

To keep our beautiful training venue safe for staff and delegates, we have implemented the following hygiene control measures:

  • Hand sanitisers are available at various locations, in addition to a plentiful supply of hand soap.
  • Keyboards and mice are disinfected on a regular basis with an alcohol-based sanitiser.
  • Relevant surfaces, such as door handles, are being disinfected frequently during the day.
  • We have implemented a no-handshake policy.
  • Our classrooms are equipped with remote viewing software, so that lecturers can assist delegates while still maintaining a safe social distance.
  • We have implemented additional controls during tea and lunch breaks to avoid cross-contamination of utensils.
  • Notices have been put up in strategic locations to remind everyone to practice good hygiene.
  • Our cleaning staff have received extra training and protective equipment, such as gloves.

We will continue to monitor and implement local and international recommendations that may be announced.

Courses and Examinations

We have extended the validity of vouchers. Examination and re-attendance vouchers that expire between 15 March and 30 April 2020 will be extended until 31 May 2020, with the option to extend further if necessary.

At this stage we do not plan to postpone any scheduled courses. We are testing options for remote training. Our main constraint is that Telkom is currently unable to maintain internet connectivity at our local exchange during load shedding.

We will keep you informed of changes to the schedule or alternative training options.

We hope that, by remaining calm and acting responsibly, South Africans will curb the spread of infection. May you and your families, friends and colleagues remain safe and healthy.