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Incus Data Courses

Course Reviews

  • XML Development

    One of the great privileges while working at MTN, is the opportunity to attend a lot of training sessions and one quickly picks up shortcomings with training providers - the other lot aren't as good as Jacqui. Lots of fun!!!

    - T. May, MTN

  • SQL Fundamentals

    Really enjoyed the course. Charles made this technical subject really interesting (and funny). Good balance between theory & practical.

    - B. Peffer, Standard Bank

  • HTML and CSS

    I have learnt a lot at this course it has been exciting, will be doing some more exercises

    - L. Tanda, Nedbank

  • Perl Programming

    10/10 all the way! The course has geared me up to being hopefully a very good Perl programmer, or it will help me achieve it in the near future. The standards learnt are also very helpful!

    - R. Mythee, MIP Holdings