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Ethics for Software Developers

Incus Data and TUT are conducting an online survey about ethics in the software engineering industry in South Africa.

This survey focuses on a critical, but neglected, aspect of our industry. We need your help to reach as many developers as possible.

Read more about why this matters to you.

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Incus Data Courses

Course Reviews

  • JEE Technology Overview

    Lewis Coosner was great and knew his subject well.

    - S. Bhikha, Computer Associates

  • Java Servlets and JSP Programming

    The examples were well planned and provided a good understanding of the ics.

    - R. Bhana, ABSA

  • JEE Development

    Very much pleased with every aspect of the training.

    - M. Mofolo, CSIR

  • Coding Ethics

    Great course!

    - R. Hans, TUT