Incus Data Courses: General Information

The following information applies to all Incus Data courses:

  • All courses are presented by lecturers with considerable experience in their fields. The lecturers are permanent employees of the company, not contractors brought in on an ad-hoc basis.
  • All courses include either an Incus Data manual or a textbook. Where appropriate, handouts in the form of sample exercises and solutions are also provided.
  • Each delegate is provided with access to a computer for the duration of the course: there is no sharing of computers.
  • In addition to theoretical training, delegates are expected to complete exercises during the course to acquire practical experience.
  • The duration of most courses is 5 days. Courses run from 8:30 to 16:30, Monday to Friday.
  • Scheduled courses are presented at the Incus Data Training venue. Our classrooms are in Raslouw, Centurion - within easy access from both Johannesburg and Pretoria. A detailed map is available, and is also sent to all delegates to ensure easy access.
  • Customised and in-house courses can be scheduled on request, provided there is a minimum of 5 delegates. These courses can be presented at our training venue or at the client's site.
  • We limit the maximum number of delegates on each course, to ensure that each delegate receives personal attention and assistance from the lecturer.
  • Certificates are provided for students who complete the course. Please note that this is an attendance certificate only.
    We reserve the right to refuse certificates to delegates who do not attend the whole course, or who fail to participate in the practical exercises.
  • Competency tests can be provided where required. There is no compulsory test or examination at the conclusion of the course.