Visual Basic Programming Course

Visual Basic (often just called VB or VB.NET) is one of the Microsoft languages that is used for developing systems for the Windows .NET framework. This course will teach you the fundamentals of the Visual Basic language so that you can write VB programs, or maintain existing VB code. You will learn .NET concepts and the basics of object orientation, as used in Visual Basic. The course will also teach you some of the skills you need to develop web applications for .NET.

Duration: 4.5 days. Courses are presented from 08:30 to 16:30.
Investment: R8,200.00 excluding VAT per delegate.
Venue: The Incus Data Training Venue in Centurion, Pretoria. Courses can also be presented on-site for 5 or more delegates.
Dates: Please check the course schedule for the next available date. You can also contact us at tel: (+27) 12 666 2020 or email us at to find out about dates.

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Audience: Is This The Right Course For Me?

You should attend the Visual Basic Programming course if:

  • You are a programmer and you want to learn the Visual Basic language.
  • You need to support existing Visual Basic or ASP.NET systems written in VB.
  • You want to develop .NET web applications using Visual Basic. You need to attend this course before you attend the ASP.NET Development course .
  • You have already learnt some Visual Basic - perhaps on your own or at university - but struggle with some concepts or have gaps in your knowledge.

Prerequisites: Am I Ready For The Course?

Before you attend the Visual Basic Programming course:

  • You must already be a programmer and have experience in programming.
  • If you are a mainframe programmer, please consider first attending our Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Course. It will make your move to Visual Basic faster and easier.

Please ensure you meet the prerequisites for the Visual Basic Programming Course before you attend the course. Read the importance of course prerequisites to understand why this is necessary.

Objectives: What Will I Learn?

After you have completed the Visual Basic Programming course, you will be able to:

  • Understand basic principles of object orientation and how they apply to Visual Basic.
  • Understand the principles of the .NET framework.
  • Write your own Visual Basic programs for .NET.
  • Read and maintain Visual Basic programs.
  • Debug Visual Basic code to find and correct mistakes.

Technical Contents: What Does The Course Cover?

Introduction to Visual Basic
  • Common Language Runtime.
  • Differences between Visual Basic in the .NET environment and VB 6.0.
  • Upgrade and portability issues.
Object Orientation in Visual Basic
  • Concepts.
  • Base & derived classes.
  • Overloading vs Overriding.
  • Virtual methods.
  • Shadowing.
  • Member scope & access.
  • Constructors & destructors.
  • Statefull versus stateless.
Program Structure and Project Types
  • Console applications.
  • WinForms.
  • Deployment.
  • Assemblies.
  • Name spaces.
  • CLR system classes.
Form Based Development
  • WinForms.
  • Visual inheritance.
  • Menus.
  • Form events.
  • Dialogs.
  • MDI interfaces and execution.
Common Programming Tasks
  • File access.
  • External libraries.
  • System name spaces.
  • COM Interop library.
  • Using legacy components.
ActiveX Controls
  • Creation.
  • Inheritance.
  • Properties, methods and events.
  • Intrinsic controls.
  • Custom controls.
Data Types, Expressions and Statements
  • Data types.
  • Type safety.
  • New system data types.
  • Type conversion.
Procedures, Functions and Program Statements
  • Keywords.
  • Built-in.
  • Procedures and functions.
  • Optional parameters.
  • New constructs.
  • Exception handling.
Database Development
  • ADO.NET.
  • Providers.
  • ODBC, OLEDB and SQL Server.
  • System.Data.sqlClient.
  • Connection & Command objects.
  • Data Adapter, Reader, Set, Table objects.
  • Connected vs disconnected.
  • SQL & stored procedures.
  • Data controls, Grids, Lists and Combo boxes
  • Bound controls versus unbound controls.
  • Debugger.
  • VB.NET and XML.
  • OO Design Methodologies.

Testimonials: What Other Delegates Say About This Course

"Excellent course, very informative and should help a great deal. Instructor is very knowledgeable in subject and explains concepts in a very practical and useful manner."

H. Lombaard, Transnet   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Great course. The ocurse really added a lot of my programming knowledge."

F. van der Merwe, Transnet   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Very well design course. It interested me a lot and I am interested in developing my VB skills further. Thank you"

D. Hoffman, Transnet   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I enjoyed the course very much and look forward to use what I learned."

C. Pienaar, Private   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Wish I had this course 5 years ago!"

J. van Tonder, Hatch   (Lecturer: Renier)

"With a programming background I have, its been a great improvement in my skill, and the presentation of the course was fantastic. Its been worthwhile to every bit. Thanks a lot."

G. Sambara, Edge Consulting   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Have already spoken to line management to list Incus Data as a preferred Training Centre"

Y. Naidoo, Momentum   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Renier is a consumate professional who is clearly passionate about what he does. This was mind blowing and much more than I expected"

S. Wilsnach, UCS Software   (Lecturer: Renier)

"I enjoyed the course, it was great. Renier was great."

R. Saloojee, UCS   (Lecturer: Renier)

"Really enjoyed the environment and Renier was the best lecturer I personally met."

L. HeuĂ«r, UCS   (Lecturer: Renier)

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