Incus Data SETA Accreditation


Incus Data has had some form of SETA accreditation since 2002. We currently have provisional accreditation from the MICT SETA (previously ISETT).

Although we cover some of the unit standards as required for accreditation, our courses are not specifically designed to address the SAQA unit standards. This is for three reasons:

  • Most of the IT unit standards are aimed at a more introductory level than the level of our courses. The unit standards are generally intended for those learning a new profession, whereas almost all our delegates are graduates and IT professionals. For example, the SAQA unit standard that is covered during our Object-Oriented Analysis and Design course is 4 credits (i.e. 40 notional hours of training), but in fact represents less than 20% of our course contents.
  • The unit standards tend to be relatively generic, and are not specific to a particular programming language or development environment. Thus, for example, there is no unit standard against which one can assess a programmer to evaluate his or her competency in the Java programming language. This is a matter which we have previously brought to the attention of the MICT SETA.
  • We believe that our courses must be applicable and relevant. The content of our courses is determined by extensive technical research, real-world practical experience, and feedback and requests from programmers who use the technologies on a day-to-day basis. We are not prepared to change this merely to comply with a unit standard which is intended for a different audience.

We believe in continuous improvement, and we constantly revise our course list, course content and all our quality management processes to provide the best possible training.

Download the Incus Data MICT Accreditation Certificate in PDF Format.